Using Goldenseal Tea for Women’s Health

The female system brings with it many trials and tribulations, which, while sometimes problematic, serve to highlight the strengths of the half of the human race bearing the XX chromosomes. A woman’s reproductive system does much more than simply enable her to give birth. The hormones produced by these organs affect other systems throughout the body, and have a significant influence over a woman’s growth and development. An imbalance in this system can have a serious effect on a woman’s overall quality of life. Certain conditions, such as breast cancer, are life-threatening and can actually affect both genders.

Breast Cancer: The Basics

As with other types of cancer, breast cancer denotes a conglomerate of cancerous cells that cause a malignant tumor to form. A malignant tumor poses a threat to overall health due to its ability to invade surrounding tissue and possibly spread to different parts of the body. Women should regularly conduct self-examinations of their breasts in order to spot possible cancerous lumps as early as possible.

Finding a breast lump does not automatically mean a person has breast cancer. In fact, most breast lumps are benign (not cancerous), caused by fibrosis or cysts. Some women may find that their breasts have lumps just before their menstrual period starts. Determining whether or not a lump is cancerous is best left to a doctor, who can use a microscope to determine what exactly has grown.

Goldenseal Tea for Breast Cancer

Especially known for its bitter taste, goldenseal tea may help to lower the risk of breast cancer. Goldenseal tea contains berberine, a substance found to have many beneficial effects upon the body. In studies conducted by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, berberine significantly slowed the growth of brain and breast cancer cells. While it may be helpful in lowering the risk of breast cancer, it is not generally recommended for women to drink this tea if they are pregnant or nursing. You should check with a physician prior to drinking this tea if you are currently on any medications as some medications may cause adverse effects if mixed with herbal teas.