Goldenseal Tea for Respiratory Health

For centuries, goldenseal tea has been utilized by Native Americans for a variety of different uses. This perennial plant has been used for both its stems as well as its roots. As this unlikely plant grew in popularity due to the reported benefits that could be derived from it, it soon reached a point where it was being overharvested. Today, though it is no longer gathered in the wild, many will cultivate this plant commercially so that it can still be used to make supplements such as teas for respiratory health.

What Causes Respiratory Infections?

There are many things that can contribute to the development of a respiratory infection. Respiratory infections can be noted as being most common during certain times of the year due to seasonal pollens and other dust that gets into the air. Infection may also be caused by bacterial invasions in the respiratory tract. When a respiratory infection occurs, it is usually because bacteria or a virus has managed to get past the body’s immune system and has infected the respiratory tract. These types of infections are generally contagious, so it is good to take precautions to keep infections from spreading to others.

How Goldenseal Tea Helps

Drinking goldenseal tea is excellent for aiding with the respiratory system do to it having an astringent effect on the mucous membranes. This is greatly helpful along with the anti-inflammatory and the antiseptic qualities of this tea which can also aid in the protection of the respiratory system. Drink this tea regularly to help keep your respiratory system in good condition. If you suffer from a respiratory infection, goldenseal tea may be able to help you alleviate some of the symptoms that tag along with this sickness.