Goldenseal Tea for Detoxification

Goldenseal is a bitter tasting, perennial herb also known as orangeroot. It is often used as a multi-purpose herb and is often thought to be a natural remedy for various health related issues. Today, goldenseal continues to be popular among many herbalists for its supposed anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, and stimulating qualities. It has also been popular for use as an herbal tea that can be ingested regularly to assist with the detoxification of the body.

Why is Detoxification Important?

Every day our organs work hard to expel chemicals, toxins, and other unnecessary constituents from our bodies. Detoxification is takes place in many areas of the body though is primarily handled by the liver. In the world today, we are constantly being exposed to these toxins and chemicals due to pollution, unwanted food additives, and much more. Although our bodies are designed to expel most of these toxins, sometimes we can unknowingly be subjected to great quantities of chemicals without even realizing it. In these cases, it may become harder for the body to keep up and our systems will gradually weaken. This can affect us as time goes on and lead to symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, infections, allergies, and an increased susceptibility to illness.

Many people look for ways to help detoxify their bodies because it not only helps to cleanse the system, but it leaves them feeling refreshed as well as allows their bodies to function at a better level. In most cases, detoxification requires following a certain diet and involves the intake of beneficial herbs and herbal teas.

How Goldenseal Tea Helps

When it comes to the detoxification of our bodies, there are many different herbal teas that are useful. Goldenseal has a few advantages when it is used in the detoxification process. It’s an herbal tea that has natural antiseptic and it also assists in the cleansing of the blood as well as the liver. Goldenseal tea also contains berberine which has been shown to have the ability to kill off certain harmful bacteria as well. Since the results of this tea aren’t instant, those who are looking to use this tea for detox are generally recommended to drink two cups of goldenseal daily for two weeks. This gives the tea plenty of time to have a positive effect on the body.