Improve Your Health With Goldenseal Tea

Known by a wide range of names that reference its bright golden color, including orange root, turmeric root, and Indian paint, goldenseal is a plant that has been used as a general health remedy for hundreds of years. This herb is distinguished by its large expansive leaves that, during flowering season, have small white flowers growing from the center of them. Those flowers later turn to red berries that have been said to resemble raspberries in appearance. The leaves, roots, flowers, and even the berries of this plant can be used to make a tea that is overflowing with health advantages. In Native American cultures, where goldenseal tea has been administered to help heal wounds, act as an anti-inflammatory agent, and to ward off cold and flu symptoms. It also is beneficial as a general health tonic, said to increase the body’s energy levels and curing any general malaise. The herb was introduced to Europe in 1760, when the colonists brought it back over from the New World.

In the 1700’s, there was a huge demand for this powerful new herb, and goldenseal tea was all the rage. Today, it is still used in cold remedies and a number of different nutritional supplements, as it has been proven that its health benefits have definite lasting power. Because of the high demand, this plant was put on the endangered list in the 1990’s and is just starting to spread again with careful harvesting practices.

Antiviral & Antibacterial

The antiviral and antibacterial properties to be found in drinking goldenseal tea make it highly effective for treating infections and cleansing the body of any sicknesses or disease it may be fighting off. It can also assist the body by helping to boost the immune system which can help prevent future illnesses as well. For common colds and the flu this boost in the immune system may prove to be quite useful. Since this tea also works as an anti-inflammatory, it can help relieve any swelling in the nose and mouth as well, which is often experienced with these types of sicknesses.

Improves Digestion

Since goldenseal has a lot of properties that can fight off and kill bacteria, this can also help improve digestion as well. For this reason it works to help those that suffer from symptoms like upset stomach, cramps, diarrhea, as well as a variety of other gastrointestinal problems. Other benefits include strengthening and stimulation of appetite. Increased appetite can help get more nutrients to your body to help you fight off a number of sicknesses.

Promotes Liver Health

Another prominent benefit to drinking this tea is that it helps keep many of the body’s organs healthy and properly functioning. Of the organs it helps to improve the spleen, the liver, and the pancreas are among them. This is because it increases blood circulation in these areas, which encourage the organs to function at their optimum performance.

Preparation: To prepare goldenseal tea, take one bag and allow it to steep in a cup of hot water for a period of 5 to 7 minutes. Because this brew can be somewhat bitter in taste, sugar, honey, or milk can be added if desired for improved flavor and taste. Drink one cup three times a day, throughout the day. It is advised to consult with a physician prior to drinking this tea if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications so as to avoid any adverse effects.

Since goldenseal tea can be quite strong, it’s recommended to speak to a healthcare professional before you use it specifically for detoxifying your body. As with any diet or detox program, there may be some risks associated with prolonged use. Those with heart conditions are also advised to speak to a doctor first, because some studies have shown that goldenseal can raise blood pressure. With supervision, this can be a potent and effective remedy for clearing out the system and improving one’s overall state of health, whether you ingest the goldenseal in a powdered form or drink it as a tea.

If you are interested in purchasing goldenseal tea, it can be found at a variety of health food stores locally. Alternatively it can also be easily purchased online from trusted merchants like Buddha Teas. We hope that you’ve been able to find this article able to answer any questions you may have, though if you do have any further inquiries please feel free to contact us.